Publicerad den 03 Sep 2020
You will be glad to know that our "End Jiggers" project is now right on track again! Still depending on the covid19 situation i Kenya, we have cleared the way to start with preparatory training of locals in January next year and then go into full scale action in February.
This is a our Rotary project to improve health in Kenya, progress reports will follow through our partnership with Rotary Doctors.
The film to market our EndJigger project is launched on Youtube. Check it out, and please spread it in your social media. 
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In cooperation with us, the U-Fond of Rotary D2390 is contributing to ensure a sustainable, effective use of the funds that will be used to help villages eradicate jiggers. The money will be used for medical treatment of infected feet, houses and floors, and shoes to avoid people getting infected again. We sponsor an established Rotary Doctors training and empowerment programme to support the learning process, involving all stakeholders, to in the end eradicating the jiggers blight for good