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Welcome to join us!

At this meeting we will listen to Jerker Lessing, BoKlok on the topic:

"Industrialized Construction – A way to build for the future, today"

With a PhD from Lund University, Jerker Lessing serves as Director of Research & Development at BoKlok, one of Sweden’s leading housing companies within industrialized construction. BoKlok is a joint venture between the Construction Company Skanska and the furniture Company IKEA and has the aim to build “Sustainable, high-quality homes, to a low cost, for all”. BoKlok is active in 4 countries and have built 12.000 homes so far. In his role Jerker leads the company’s R&D initiatives and collaboration with academic partners.
Jerker Lessing also has a position as Adjunct Professor at Stanford University in California, where he is doing research and teaching around industrialized construction. In his research he developed a framework and models that serve as a theoretical foundation for academic research as well as a guide for companies’ development towards industrialization.
In his talk he will tell us about industrialized construction and how that can change the housing industry, using BoKlok as an example.

Really looking forward to seeing you all again!

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